What are the rules of online slots if you want to win big?

While winning at online slots or situs judi slot online is not something everyone can do every day, it is possible to win and to win big if you follow a few rules. After all, knowing the rules of online slots before you begin to spend your money on them will only enhance your chances of a win.


Bonus cash rules — The biggest rule of online slots to understand is the requirements that come with being given free bonus cash.

This cash is given to a new player when they sign up, but there are requirements you must follow before you are allowed to withdraw it. Make sure you understand these requirements before you begin to play. That way you will not lose the bonus cash you have been awarded.


Choose your bet — The first rule of online slots when it comes to playing is to choose the right bet.

This means betting on one or two pay lines or betting on all of them. Remember, the more pay lines you bet on the higher chances of a win. You must also bet on every pay line on every spin in order to be eligible to win the big jackpot.


Bonus features — Most online slots nowadays not only allow you straight play, but they also have bonus features that are activated as you play. These features usually give you advantages in game play that will help you win the game if you play them correctly.

On many online slots, there are two different kinds of bonus features. The first, and the most common, are free spins. These allow you to spin once, twice and sometimes up to five times for free. If you win during any one of those spins, you get to keep what you won.

The second is a mini game that will usually pop up in a second window. These games are also free to play and offer cash prizes if you are lucky.


Random jackpots versus progressive jackpots — When it comes to winning a jackpot on a slot machine game, there are usually two ways of doing so.

The first is a random jackpot that will pop up if you are betting on all pay lines.

The second is what is called a progressive jackpot. This means the jackpot increases every time a new spin is initiated on the machine, and most of the time you do not need to bet on every pay line to be eligible.

Remember though, with progressive jackpots you will still win more the more you bet and the more pay lines you bet on. That is why most people playing on progressive machines will bet as much as they can afford on every spin.